Sunday, November 6, 2011

hello the END !


hii peeps.
I know something you don't know.

I love ferrero rochers just like i love them.
I love 4ARIFamily. I love my friends.
Thank you and Sorry guys.
hyper-cool huh ARIF ?
the comel'est' in 4arif. opsy wrong statement* meet FAQEH and SYIKIN. "i am making weird peace guys.
Naddy. I am glad to know her :)
meet Fakhrul and my lovely nik-y-jam.
Yasmin Lukman and HAWA :)
okay we are so foinee, Hawa Rizwana and me :*)

Actually we are just eager taking picture with this new custom kot? haha lagi pun nak end-year and paling penting habis exam. bila lagi nak buat kerja macam ni? hehe macam apa dah camera sana sini. macam ada paparazzi pulak. okay saja perasan kejap. perasan tak ni la kali terakhir kita jawab final-year exam. lepas ni SPM okay? tak apa kot. semua tu COMEL kan kan? i will miss every momment that we've shared together :)

kudos for the cameraman okay.
five-stars for the artist. hah =__=
okay thank you bye-bye little kid.

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